Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It is time to switch over

Generally people are divided into two categories, one who drink coffee and others who don’t. Of course, I fall in the former category. I love to start my day with a cup of hot coffee. However, my taste is a little Indian so I like to add some milk and sugar to it. However, the problem starts when I step out of the country. As soon as I am in a new country I get wrapped in all the different variations of espresso that never seem to satisfy my taste buds. Even the latte appears to be a milder version of espresso for my Indian palate. I did try to add milk on the top, however for some strange reason could never get the proportion right. So after trying umpteen number of times, I have finally decided to change my loyalties and move to green tea. Lets see how that goes.

Monday, February 16, 2015

That aroma..

Today, as I parked my car into the parking area and walked towards my new office I paused for few seconds. There was a strong aroma of food coming from a near-by restaurant.  It seemed to be a mix of some spices and pickles. One would wonder what was so unique about it. It was usual for any lane near a restaurant to smell of food. However, for me it was special. It took me back in time when I used to visit my grandmother. She was a retired professor who was not so much into cooking; however she used to make the world’s best daal-chaawal (lentils and rice). The yellow daal simmered in ghee and cumin seeds would be spread over hot and steaming rice. She used to serve it with mango pickle and pappads. I still remember that as a child who generally had a problem finishing food I used to gulp down the whole plate without burping once. I think that more than the food it was my grandmother’s love that made it so mouthwatering.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wishes of the Heart

I wish all my dreams could come true,
I wish I could hold the early morning dew.

I wish I could never let a flower die,
I wish I could touch and feel the sky.

I wish I could bring a smile on a sad face.
I wish I could stop the never ending materialistic race.

I wish I could lessen everyone’s anger,
I wish I could prevent people from dying of hunger.

I wish I could save human race from nature’s wrath,
I wish I could pause and take a minute’s rest.

I wish I could stop the violence which is meaningless,
I wish I could erase all religions and leave no trace.

I wish I could do something to add more color to life,
I wish I could give reason for everyone to smile.

I wish I had a magic wand to spread happiness,
I wish I could erase all sorrow and clear the mess.

I wish I could make all this come true,
And enrich life, with hope renewed.

- Surabhi Tewari